Monday, November 16, 2009


To start I´ll say that this videos really shock me, because they represent what many women think about real beauty. They´re absolutely great. Is incredible that a company like Dove, who specialise on cosmetics could make those films. My idea about beauty is similar than which they want to show. I´m totally in favor of the commercial message. On my point of view, the society is to much influenced by advertisements at the moment of buying things and they can´t think for them self. There are many ads that has made me change my mind when I was having to choose a line of products, but luckily exist some marks that understand what is correct and what is wrong. Yes, I think commercials have the same kind of influence on all target ages although of course the most vulnerable are teenagers. Ads must have women like the ones we see everyday in the street, who represent real true beauty in order to be good. To sum up, I have to say I really think government organizations should be tougher to regulate advertising.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Miss: I promise that tomorrow I´m going to post the photos of the trip but today it is imposible. I´m realy sorry... Kisses *Maca*
The trip to San Pedro was really important because we learned a little more about the place, the culture and the life there. We went to “La Campiña”, that belonged to Mónica and Cesar from Telenoche reporter. And inside the park we saw the machine that is in charge to wash, to separate and to classify the oranges and the peaches that are harvested. With respect to the surveys that we had done in the place, we learned that the majority of the adults has done the secondary in San Pedro, but to study in the university they must go to Buenos Aires or Rosario. The people who live there think the security is still good, although there are robberies but in a smaller amount than in Buenos Aires because there is less population. The health is good, and they have always an open public hospital, with personnel at the disposal of people, but nevertheless some people prefers to have a social work prepayment. Also we visited the paleontological museum where we learned different aspects about dinosaur, one of them was: how to analyze a fossil. And to conclude, we visited the paleontological reserve where we saw the fossil of an extincted animal.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Sunday, August 16, 2009


1º: Nine people left a message or ten if I including mine.
2º and 3º:
The First: Is Marina, my English teacher. She is from Argentina.
The Second: Is Carlos, an other English teacher. He is from Colombia.
The Third: Is Monica, a sibyl engineer. And she is from Brazil.
The Fourth: Is Nami, a studient of languages. She is from Brasuk.
The Fifth: Is Heedo Kin, she is studying at the university because she wants to be an English teacher. She is from Corea.
The Sixth: Is Patricia, a system analyst. She is from Argentina.
The Seventh: Is Trish, who works in a hospital. She is from Philippines.
The Eighth: Is Mariana, who is studying at the same secondary school than me. And she is from Argentina, of course.
The Ninth: Is Sheila, who is my classmate and my friend. And she is from Argentina.
The Tenth: It´s me, Macarena.
Miss: I wish I have done the exercise ok…

XOXO Macarena.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


She is Linda. Today she is wearing a violet cardigan and trousers at the same color. She loves dancing, she dosen´t care about anything else when she is doing it. She wants to be a great dancer, so she practises all the time. Linda is not very beatiful but she´s friendly and clever. She can read and tell stories, sing and draw pictures pecfectly. Her parents give her everything she wants. She can do whatever she wants. Anyway, she is a very good child.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Macarena is being wanted because she broke the police´s inspector heart...

She trait to explain that their love story couldn't happen because she didn't love him. But he couldn't understand... Then she decided to escape to another city, but he started to looked for her...
This is the real story because the police inspector said
that she had robed a bank and killed many innocent people... Please don´t tell him anything about her. Anyway you can have a LITTLE reward...