Monday, November 16, 2009


To start I´ll say that this videos really shock me, because they represent what many women think about real beauty. They´re absolutely great. Is incredible that a company like Dove, who specialise on cosmetics could make those films. My idea about beauty is similar than which they want to show. I´m totally in favor of the commercial message. On my point of view, the society is to much influenced by advertisements at the moment of buying things and they can´t think for them self. There are many ads that has made me change my mind when I was having to choose a line of products, but luckily exist some marks that understand what is correct and what is wrong. Yes, I think commercials have the same kind of influence on all target ages although of course the most vulnerable are teenagers. Ads must have women like the ones we see everyday in the street, who represent real true beauty in order to be good. To sum up, I have to say I really think government organizations should be tougher to regulate advertising.

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