Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Macarena is being wanted because she broke the police´s inspector heart...

She trait to explain that their love story couldn't happen because she didn't love him. But he couldn't understand... Then she decided to escape to another city, but he started to looked for her...
This is the real story because the police inspector said
that she had robed a bank and killed many innocent people... Please don´t tell him anything about her. Anyway you can have a LITTLE reward...

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  1. Macarena, the heart breaker, is in danger . . .

    Very interesting story, Macarena. Let's pay attention to the following:

    *remember: "to + infinitive"
    "police inspector heart.": we nieed a possessive here.
    "She trait to": do you mean "tried"?
    "he started to looked forward": look for??
    " the inspector police that she": the verb is missing and there's a word order problem.
    "she had stolen a bank and kill many innocent": people "rob" banks. What's wrong with "kill"?
    "tell him where is she": word order.

    Good luck heart breaker!

    Miss Marina