Sunday, August 16, 2009


1º: Nine people left a message or ten if I including mine.
2º and 3º:
The First: Is Marina, my English teacher. She is from Argentina.
The Second: Is Carlos, an other English teacher. He is from Colombia.
The Third: Is Monica, a sibyl engineer. And she is from Brazil.
The Fourth: Is Nami, a studient of languages. She is from Brasuk.
The Fifth: Is Heedo Kin, she is studying at the university because she wants to be an English teacher. She is from Corea.
The Sixth: Is Patricia, a system analyst. She is from Argentina.
The Seventh: Is Trish, who works in a hospital. She is from Philippines.
The Eighth: Is Mariana, who is studying at the same secondary school than me. And she is from Argentina, of course.
The Ninth: Is Sheila, who is my classmate and my friend. And she is from Argentina.
The Tenth: It´s me, Macarena.
Miss: I wish I have done the exercise ok…

XOXO Macarena.

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  1. Perfect, Macarena. What a pity you couldn't record a message!
    Anyway, good work.